The Holliswood Hospital’s Children’s Program focuses on addressing children age 4 through 10 who experience acute behavioral and/ or emotional problems. Our state of the art programming focuses on trauma informed care.

Children are exposed to multiple traumatic events throughout their life. The impact of these life changing events result in changes to a child’s development. It is important that children receive immediate care to assist them in processing traumatic events. Without treatment the child’s academic, social life and future will be dramatically affected.  Children may not verbalize their feelings associated with their past trauma. They may “act out”, by becoming irritable, aggressive, agitated, and become withdrawn from activities, friends and family, etc. 

Who We Are...

Social Workers work with children and their families to transition the skill that they have learned during their stay at Holliswood to their home. They will also coordinate a comprehensive discharge plan to ensure all of the child’s needs are met, including out patient mental health services, therapy and psychiatrist to referrals for big brother’s big sisters, wavier services, B2H services, boy and girl scouts, PAL, etc.

How We Help...

Family members are encouraged to visit, participate in the program, and contribute to the wellness of their child. Items from home including favorite toys, clothing, pictures of family, etc will be encouraged to be part of the child’s experience during their hospitalization.

Events will be posted as they are announced